Some cycles are hard to break.

Forced out of an unhappy home at a young age, Dana S. Diaz swears to make it on her own and never fall victim to the same abuse she witnessed growing up. But that’s before she falls for Darren. It doesn’t take long, however, for Dana to meet the darker version of Darren—a narcissist who seeks to control Dana in every way. Despite her best efforts, she is caught in the cycle of trauma once again. But how can she free herself from Darren’s stranglehold?

In Gasping for Air, Dana invites readers along on her odyssey of healing and empowerment as she breaks free from the grasp of her 25-year-long abusive relationship. She fearlessly delves into old wounds to reveal the truth behind a lifetime of lies and stitches them closed as a new and resilient woman.

An inspiring true story filled with strife and revelation, Gasping for Air exposes the raw truth of emotional, psychological and physical trauma, and is a bold testament of survival.

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